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The Breakthrough

Includes 1 x 90 minute session

1 payment of $180.00

Welcome. I am here to provide insightful, nourishing and compassionate support to help with the breakthrough you've been waiting for so you can come home to yourself and rise to your life.

I help mothers, creators and caretakers (in the literal and archetypal sense) to restore balance, find inspiration and act from self-love in order to show up fully, answer your calling and stay connected to what lights you up without the overwhelm, self-judgment or a list of shoulds. We can leave the guilt, blame and shame behind to embrace possibility, transformation and giving from a fuller cup.

As women we are biological creatures with monthly cycles, moods and hormones. Major lifecycle events, stress and childbirth can majorly influence who we are in the moment. I take this all into account and have you covered in this arena.

I work with smart, conscious and caring women that are hard-working whether for the muse, the cause or your loved ones. Some common reasons women come to me are: - Letting others needs come first and then feeling depleted, compassion fatigue or cranky. - A health scare, processing a major event (positive or negative), or experiencing another kind of wake up call that something is not working. - Finally feeling ready to follow a dream or find time in a too busy schedule for what matters most. - You might be in transition already or about to make a big life decision, embark on a new project or pick an old one back up. - Perhaps you are waking up from the postpartum fog, newly pregnant, hoping to get pregnant or your child(ren) just reached a new milestone. - You might just be ready to let go of something that is no longer serving you and find a new way of being.

During our Breakthrough Session, we'll spend 90 minutes exploring what is calling you and (re)discovering your inner wisdom in a co-created safe space. You will gain new insights, find opportunities you did not know were there and get support integrating your breakthrough.

Get ready to go deep, allow vulnerability, experiment and play. I honor you for being open to change and investing in yourself. I'm excited for us to get started.

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